but not

(This is sort of loosely inspired by this really great article by Tawni O’Dell, about being proud of who you really are (as a writer, especially). Please read it!) I was never cut out to be valedictorian. Too much work. I almost made the top ten, but didn’t. I was having too much fun. #28 […]

progress report, if a zombie tried to write a novel

I’m finding it MUCH harder to get writing done with a three year-old than at any previous age. The “terrible twos” were difficult, in terms of behavior, but the terrible threes are just as terrible, for different reasons. Two year-olds just don’t understand the things they want, which makes things frustrating – but three year-olds […]

happy birthday, America

My dudes, waiting for the fireworks to start. A few minutes of the DC fireworks, as seen from across the river in Arlington, Va. With commentary from Dylan. Note: the butterfly ones! We took a nice quiet stroll through DC after the fireworks, waiting for the trains to clear up – that didn’t happen, by […]