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wordless wednesday: girl in the rain


5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: girl in the rain”

  • hi there Laura, love, what your wrote and shared!
    i too have a coffee tea addiction, but dont like it black.
    I saw the lastest TV ad for nectresse, I sure im mis-spelled that, lol.
    Anyway it sound like a good sugar substitute HEALTHY, right??

    well, after doing about 2 minutes worth of research on it, Ivedome to another concludion, its NOT healthy, as far as safe, time will tell, but I dont think it is any different that splenda!
    yes it does have MONK fruit in it, but it is NOT made from monk fruit.
    it is just a nother form of splenda, the company is jsut slitting hairs, and making even MORE moey at the expense of peoples health.
    This makes me OH SOOOO made.
    It too complicaed for me to explain what it is that is wrong with this “new” product, but take a little time and research it, I think you will agree.
    it just another form of chemicals that not that much is know about as far as health.
    Not picking on you, I just identified with you about your excitment about Nectresse, it sounds as though you like to eat healthy and take care of yourself too.
    So I was just hoping to share some info that I think will help you to coninue to make healthy choices.
    Thats all.
    ya know, sugar only has 16 calories a teaspoon?! and no other
    take care
    ps I dont work for any surgar or sugar substitue companies.
    Just an artist that want to stay healthy!

  • ps me again, the anti splenda head case.
    just so you know all these surgar substitutes all have the potential to cause belly bloat……GAS, your may be consuming less sugar, MAYBE losing weight, walking aournf with a bloated belly, SO you LOOK and FEEL FAT, it the fake sugars, anything with maltodextrin, dextrose, all of those thing will give you IBS.
    be warned .lol

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