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we have lift-off!… or something

Sorry for the silence around here. I did actually have a few more preview series posts I wanted to share, and I will still share them still once I get my head screwed back on straight. At some point, I realized I was so close to finished that I should just hunker down and finish the thing and…

I did it!!! [You see, here’s where it would be nice to have a paper book to take a picture of. I tried taking a picture of my book’s page on Smashwords or Goodreads, or even just a picture of my Nook with the book on it, but you know, pictures of computer screens just really don’t look good! lol!]

Or at least the first couple parts of the release are finished. Releasing a novel as an indie author is quite unlike many of the traditional releases I’ve seen from my friends. It’s less of a “release day”, and more like “release week”, since each format is done and tested one by one, then it takes quite a bit of time to fill out all the book upload and account pages. I’m not sure if some of them have a way to upload a book ahead of time and schedule a date for release – that would be handy! I know you can’t do that on Smashwords though.

Anyway, this is probably one of those things that will go a lot smoother the second time around, lol!

As it stands, the Smashwords version is live! (Though my hubby wants to encourage everyone to wait to buy the Kindle and epub versions that he’s coding, because they’re going to look AWESOME! lol!) Kindle will likely be the next to debut, then Nook, then Kobo. Smashwords distributors to follow.

The book has a Goodreads page where you can go mark it as “to read”!

Once I get all the ebooks out, I’ll begin work on the paperback version!

Whee! Fun times! 😀

Also, I found this note stored in my phone. I must have written it a couple weeks ago when I was up to my ears in my final edits, lol!

Let it be known that writing a novel is easy; revising a novel seven times so that it makes sense and doesn’t sound like worthless drivel?… is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.

If writing a novel is like birthing a child, then revising one is like raising a kid to adulthood while making sure it doesn’t end up a prostitute, on meth, in jail, wearing a clown costume.

^ truth, people!

4 thoughts on “we have lift-off!… or something”

  • LOL! I couldn’t wait; I have the Smashwords version, so I guess I’ll take your hubby’s word for it that the epub he’s working on is going to be awesome!

    Congratulations on your “release week”!

  • Thank you guys!!! 🙂

    Annie, we’re *so close* with the Kindle version! Just a couple of odd formatting things, but hopefully we’ll get it sorted out very soon! 🙂

    Carla, I quite like the Smashwords version because I put that one together myself! *am proud* 😀

    The only difference that I’ve noticed between them is that it couldn’t support some of the text effects he’s working on for the other versions, like the drop caps and drop shadows, and small caps on the section headings. But otherwise, they shouldn’t be too different.

    Apart from his version having super awesome code, of course, lol! Who knows what that Meatgrinder does to the Smashwords version on the inside? It sounds scary, lol! But hey, it’s working well enough on my readers! How does it look on your Sony?

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