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week #14: welcome to Wanborough, please drive carefully!

welcome to Wanborough, #2

60 mph, white knuckles, barely enough room for two cars! 90-degree turns in the city, where I swear, people are not heeding the 30 mph speed limits! And if you were ever worried about driving on the left side of the road, or going through a roundabout, I say BAH! Try driving in the English countryside! 😮

But the people are friendly and it’s a lovely place, really!… If you survive the roads and everything.

Picture heavy under the cut. These photos were taken between Wanborough, Marlborough, Swindon, and Bath. (Click here for the full set, 72 photos in total.) Please enjoy the following photos while I attempt to get my brain jump-started again to prepare some more verbal posts! 😉

welcome to Wanborough, #4

welcome to Wanborough, #3

welcome to Wanborough, #14

welcome to Wanborough, #16

welcome to Wanborough, #21

welcome to Wanborough, #20

five pictures of rain

fake flowers in a stairwell

cream tea in the garden

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

randomness in England

randomness in England

randomness in England

4 thoughts on “week #14: welcome to Wanborough, please drive carefully!”

  • We drive on the left here too but um…that’s a narrow road!

    Jam and scones! You had the full English experience, didn’t you, lol? Hungry now.

    Anyway, I love these. Your new camera is really working well! The ones with the candles and the ceiling inside the church are really gorgeous. And that bubble one could be a book cover one day, should you ever have a book that suits it!

  • Welcome to England, yep we drive crazy here. You should try a touble decker bus, sit on the top and at front and make sure it’s one of those out of town routes. The drivers are bonkers, they go real fast on those tiny countryside roads, it will leave u fearing for your life and give a thrill on top of it. Trust me it’s scary as hell!

  • Nice pictures!

    If anyone visits Taiwan, I DARE you to rent a car and drive. Not only are some of the roads half the width than the one shown above, to make it more fun, there could be about 1 foot drop on either side into the irrigation ditches for the rice fields, and they aren’t straight.

  • Carla, yes, hubby made me try everything, lol! Mmmm, Full English Breakfast is my favorite though (there’s a pic near the end of the set) – yum! I’m such a carnivore, lol!

    Thank you! I love that bubble picture! I’d love to use it for something one day. If not a cover, then maybe a promo bookmark or website banner or something! 🙂

    Speechless, yes I did try a double decker bus, and they are scary! One of my photos (in Bath, looking down the street) is taken from the top of one – and we also went on one last year near Stonehenge, around those tiny little hilly, winding roads! OMG, I thought we were going to fall over! 😮

    Do those buses ever fall over?

    Lepifera, thanks! 🙂 And lol, I wouldn’t dare! Do you drive yourself over there?

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