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week #11/52: Easter eggs

week #11/52: Easter eggs

Jodie was reading on the couch when Piper burst into the apartment, bringing the wind with her, smelling of dried leaves and the crispness of fall. Hayden followed behind her, tall and nervous. Jodie made men nervous. She didn’t know why.

Piper ran up the stairs. Hayden stood in the center of the room. He nodded, Jodie nodded back, the mutual acknowledgment of each other’s presence. This was the part she hated. Was she supposed to stop reading? Was she supposed to entertain him? Make jokes? It was an odd, forced kind of friendship, her roommate’s fianc้. The walls of this apartment were paper thin; she’d even heard him having sex before. Jodie would be maid of honor in this man’s wedding, next to Amelia, and Piper’s dozen-or-something sisters. Piper was making the dresses herself, both her own and for the wedding party, clouds of tulle in yellow and lavender. They’d all look like Easter eggs.

Hayden shifted his weight, cleared his throat. “You mind if I steal your girl for the night?”

Didn’t he already have her?

Jodie shrugged. Did she mind? Didn’t she mind? “Sure, have at her,” she said.

– Jodie, from chapter 1.1, Exactly Where They’d Fall


notes: Happy Easter! ๐Ÿ™‚

Little bit of Photoshop work on this one, just for the heck of it. I felt like desaturating the colors a little (it was too bright for Jodie, lol!), and added a texture.

8 thoughts on “week #11/52: Easter eggs”

  • “They’d all look like Easter eggs.”
    Well told from Jodie’s perspective, lol.

    BTW, where do we see the new mosaic for a certain someone?
    It is one hour before the end of Monday here, yet there are more than half of Monday left on your end, so I am making this post as vague as possible, just in case ;D

  • Rachel, thank you! Even funnier is Jodie as a bridesmaid and in a billowy yellow tulle dress, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lepifera, LOL, I was all like “Oh no, what did I promise for Monday?” lol! (Scatterbrained kind of day…) But I think I know what you mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check here.

  • I love the desaturation – it’s beautiful.

    I can imagine Piper picking bridesmaid dresses in exactly that yellow, lol! And I can imagine Jodie hating it!

  • Aww, beautiful. Oh man, that part made me cringe when Jodie’s thinking about how she’s heard Hayden have sex and he probably has no clue. Unless she sneezed, and then maybe he’d have an idea, lol!

  • Carla, thank you! Yes, oh, poor Jodie! She’s going to hate that day! She hates dresses as it is, so yellow and tulle to boot? lol! (I think I love to torture her a little too much!)

    Nina, thanks! Such an awkward thing, lol!

  • “Jodie made men nervous. She didn’t know why.”

    That’s so Jodie. No introspection, no wondering or investigating why. Just a statement of fact and moving on. Perhaps she wouldn’t be so lonely or have so much trouble interpersonally if she occasionally asked or wondered “why” and took a good long look at herself? (oh, and gorgeous pic, if that’s the desaturated one, they must have been very bright!)

    *giggle* and if Hayden is doing the job right, if Jodie sneezed in the next room he shouldn’t notice.

  • Judi, ah, you’re right, she doesn’t stop to reflect much, does she? I suppose if she did, I wouldn’t have any stories to tell about her, lol!

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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