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if I could write a fortune cookie for this week

Be humble about how much you think you know. You never know as much as you think you know, and the universe has a way of proving that to you. The universe will rearrange itself to prove that to you. And you’ll only feel like an ass. Or maybe you won’t (that depends on your personality type). But believe me, the universe has made waves to show me what an ass I’ve been before, and it didn’t feel very good on my personality type.

By all means, know what you know (be proud of what you know), but just be humble about it.

And kindness is nothing to scoff at either. I’m not talking about fluffy white bunnies and rainbows kind of kindness – but basic respect and a little bit of grace. That’s all.

8 thoughts on “if I could write a fortune cookie for this week”

  • This is both beautiful and very wise. This is something I need to always remember too.

    This would make an awesome fortune, you know. Though the cookie would probably have to be HUGE. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! LOL!)

  • Well said, Laura, and good advice to remember. I think we’ve all been on the receiving end of the universe when we’ve gotten a little too big for our boots and have been promptly put back in our place.

  • Oh, I love this. Though one would have to fold the paper with the saying on it many times in order to fit into a regular sized fortune cookie.

    And the person who was fortunate enough to pick the cookie would probably have a hard time getting it to fall out on its own 😀

    By the way, Laura, what prompted the writing of this? Care to share?

  • Lepifera, or get one of those giant fancy fortune cookies that’s covered in chocolate and candy. Do you guys have those things over there? I’ve gotten one before, they’re HUGE, lol!

    Ha, the prompt – not specifically, but I’ll just say I’ve come across some people this week who reminded me of mistakes I made when I was younger.

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