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week #10/52: grow

Wiltshire countryside from Liddington Hill

“It’s summertime,” she said, clutching her arms tighter as it started to rain. “We’re always busier in the summers. The new shop, and Charlotte’s about to have the babies. I have a lot on my mind. I’m not mad.”

He sighed. “Of course.” Though he wished she would just be mad, that he threw his dirty field clothes on the bed, that he walked through the house in his boots, that he put the milk carton back empty. Anything. He would be overjoyed that she was mad at him, so that it wouldn’t be something else instead.

“I’m going inside,” she said. “It’s starting to rain. Are you coming?”

He shook his head.

He wandered to his fields in the warm summer drizzle. He meant to plant a lighter crop this year, but all he gained from the lightened workload was the extra time to watch his marriage fall apart. It was too late to change his mind at this point in the season. He had what he had, and there was no going back. So he watched the wheat sway in the wind, tiny raindrops stinging his face, the wet sky feeding the soil. He reached out a hand to touch the young stalks as he passed. It amazed him that this ground was so filled with life, that anything at all on this toxic farm was able to grow.

– Matt, from book #2 (working title: A Thousand Simple Truths)


notes: I am cheating the crap out of this week! I actually took this picture last summer, lol!

But I’m busy, and I’m writing, and that trumps my picture project. At least for the next few weeks until I get this novel draft done. And I will get this novel draft DONE, and to my beta readers, by June 12th! I have about eight weeks, and it’s looking possible, people! It’s gonna happen, I swear it!

And maybe this is like one of those things where if you say it out loud with enough conviction, it might actually manifest itself into existence? 😉

10 thoughts on “week #10/52: grow”

  • Renee, a lot, probably, lol! I know I’ll do at least one more big edit after I get feedback from my betas, then another big edit after it’s been through an editor. Then after that, hopefully the edits will get less intensive, like little spot check kinds of things. That’s the plan anyway! 🙂

  • This is such a simple picture but I really can picture this scene, as well as where the photo subject might fit into it.

    Man, June 12th? I am impressed! And confident that you can do it. You even shut down Twitter tonight, lol!

  • I really like the sound of the working title! Though I could imagine it would get changed at least a dozen times as you plow in writing the novel 😀

  • Carla, you see, when you get all impressed like that, it makes me nervous, lol! I will have a draft though. It might not be perfect, but it’ll be readable, and it’ll be done (in a non-perfect 2nd-drafty kind of way.)

    Lepifera, oooh, I’m actually glad to hear you like the working title, lol! Because it seems like something a lot of people won’t like, but I can’t for the life of me get it to unstick. We’ll see what becomes of it though. It comes from a scene where Leila teaches Felicity what “namaste” means 😀

  • Love the photo! It’s just perfect for the scene. The excerpt was also well done and took me a little by surprise. So Matt is not quite so oblivious to what is going on in their marriage with this re-telling? Interesting.

  • Judi, thank you! Actually this *is* taken almost directly from the first draft. (Just a little more detail in that last paragraph.) It probably stands out more now because we know what happens next, and I suppose because it’s isolated here on its own as well.

  • True enough. I have to admit I didn’t actually go back and re-read where this sits in the first telling. Now that I think of it, he definitely did have an inkling of something going on. I remember the bar scene where he took off his ring.

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