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week #9/52: fallacy

week #9/52: fallacy

Amelia came home to an empty house, and Drew’s absence from it felt unsettling. Coming home to him was a comfort she never realized until he wasn’t here. They didn’t officially live together, except that most of the time, they did. He’d even taken up a corner of her spare room with his laptop, his stacks of The New Yorker that came faster than he could ever keep up reading, his pens left around the house, his scribble of random poetics on grocery receipts and sticky notes.

She picked up an electric bill payment stub from the kitchen table, his handwriting scrawled over the back of it: freedom, friction, fiction, fallacy. She examined it, tossing the words around in her head like a puzzle. She asked him once what these meant. “Oh, it’s nothing,” he had said. “I thought it might be something, but it was nothing.”

– Amelia, chapter 1.4, Exactly Where They’d Fall


notes: a looser translation of the text this time. I took this when I was sick, playing Scrabble with D, and it seemed like the kind of thing Drew might do, make random words and see if they might or might not be something.

I actually tried to make all four of his words on here, but there’s only two F’s in a Scrabble game, lol!

Eeek, and I’m SO far behind with my photo/story project weeks! Writing has been keeping me busy though, and I refuse to complain about that!

But I actually do have an idea that should catch me up on a few photos at once pretty soon here.

6 thoughts on “week #9/52: fallacy”

  • I like this extract. It’s very evocative already, so I like you used a different visual for the photo. :)As for being behind on the project, I think you’re still ahead of everyone else!

    And wow, there are really only 2 Fs in Scrabble?! That seems crazy to me – seems like an F should be worth more than 4 points then!

  • Carla, thanks! I think you’re right, sometimes a more indirect photo does seem to work. I am starting to gather some thoughts, after nine weeks of this, on how it might or might not work for illustrating a story though. I might have to put a post together about that.

    And lol, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t make all four of those words!

  • I’m so far behind too. Heh, oops?

    But I love this shot. I’m always amazed at how well you do these set up shots. They come out so beautifully.

    Also, playing scrabble with D? Really? He can play Scrabble? Even if it’s a simple version, I’d be amazed, personally!

  • Nina, thanks! Well, at least I help him play Scrabble, lol! We just kind of divvy up the tiles and make whatever words we can. He can spell and read some words already though. Must be that he has two parents with lit degrees or something 😉

  • This just seems so Drew, playing with scrabble tiles, writing words on whatever scrap of paper he can find, trying to discover something poetic from nothing.

    I think I’m still ahead of everyone else (just) on the photo project, but I have a feeling that will only last a week or two.

  • Judi, thanks, I’m glad to hear it suits him! 🙂 And you’re doing great on your weeks! You’re definitely ahead of the rest of us slackers, lol!

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