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week #6/52: cars in the city

week #6/52: cars in the city

You recognize a friend’s car when you see it, even if it’s just an ordinary black one, four-door sedan like any number of cars like it in this city. She and Jodie have the same model, because Amelia told her it was a good car. She recommended it. Jodie bought black, and Amelia has it in beige. Jodie got the built-in GPS, but Amelia wanted to spring for the moon-roof instead.

Funny thing is, you don’t forget the car just because you happen to not be friends with that person anymore. You still remember it; you still see it go by and you stop a little.

– Amelia, part of the soon-to-be novel, Exactly Where They’d Fall


notes: and it dawns on me that this excerpt might be a little spoilery for this novel. Ah well, I think from the set up, it’s largely clear these two might run into some trouble along the way, lol!

I’m not really sure what I would have liked from this shot. I’m not sure if I captured it or not. I’m thinking not quite. Maybe I’ll have to make it a project of mine to take pictures of moving cars, lol! Any time I caught a shot of a car moving through the frame, I didn’t like it. It felt ill-placed. But this one has black cars stopped at a light, and I could imagine Amelia walking toward them, as if Jodie was in one of them. Anyway…

I also had a tired four year-old with me, who was exhausted from walking around the city all day.

And I’m pretty sure that guy across the street was wondering what I was taking a picture of, lol!

4 thoughts on “week #6/52: cars in the city”

  • I can imagine being Amelia and standing at the traffic lights, watching those cars and recognising one of them as possibly Jodie’s. So I think the appropriate feeling was evoked, at least, even if the picture doesn’t look exactly as you planned.

    Cars are hard, lol. That was the conclusion I came to this weekend. I ditched my idea (or rather, saved it for another time) because it was such a big fail!

  • Carla, thanks! You’re right, it is in line with the feeling of the excerpt, if nothing else, lol! Good enough for a first cars shot. I definitely want to try another cars/traffic shot. I’ll have to dig through my stories to see if I can find another excerpt to use.

  • I was thinking about the excerpt, the last line especially, while I was looking at the picture and saw more than one dark car.

    No, you don’t forget a car just because you don’t happen to be friends anymore. In fact, you probably remember it even more vividly if the break-up is still fresh and raw; you’re likely to see it everywhere (in a semi-paranoid kind of way) because you’re trying to avoid the person.

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