be afraid… be very afraid!

A conversation with the real live people in my head.

[Note: If you are not a writer, this post may be disturbing for you. But don’t be alarmed. In some professions, it is quite normal to converse with the voices in your head.]

Danny, to me: What the hell? You haven’t written about us in over two weeks!

Lexi: I know, I was about to win an argument over here.

Me: Sorry guys, things were getting a little juicy over in LH Land.

Danny: Corbin’s nothing special, I can spew out some philosophical bullshit and be all quiet and brooding.

Lexi: He can!

Me: But Daniel, my dear, can you do tai chi shirtless?

Danny: Uhh…

Lexi: Oooh, who’s Corbin?

Me: Eh, don’t worry about him – it’s probably better you two live in different dimensions.

*makes note that Lexi and Corbin should never meet*

Me: So you guys are so hot to get back to work, what do you have for me?

Lexi: Isn’t that your job?

Danny, to me: Do you see what I have to put up with?

Me: Oh, I know it. Don’t forget, I kind of made her. But I gave her nice boobs for you.

*Lexi crosses her arms over her chest*

Me: So Danny, your dad is dead, and your mother is lecturing you about your sister’s religion (or lack thereof).

Danny: Oh, for Christ! Not that part. Still? Haven’t you finished that yet?

Me: Sorry, no. But I’ll try to make it quick and painless.

Lexi: Do I have to be there for that?

Me: No, you’ll be doing laundry.

Lexi: Oh, joy!

Danny: Can we do a sex scene instead?

Me: Maybe later. Okay, back to work you two.

2 thoughts on “be afraid… be very afraid!

  1. LOL! OMG, how funny. It is so like that sometimes, though in my case I’m the stubborn one crossing my arms ordering them to give me something I can use while they all roll their eyes.

    Also, probably no one should meet Corbin. Though I love the image of Danny saying philosophical things while being dark and brooding.

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