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be assured, it’s not the end yet

Once upon a time, I thought I’d finish the first draft of my novel by the end of May. A silly girl I was, hopeful, bold, and too many clouds in my head. In reality, the end of May approaches quickly, and the novel is expected to reach a scrawny, but extremely endearing 30,000 words by then. Maybe more, if I can buckle down and focus. My novel is that delightful skinny child that doesn’t look like much now, but you just have a feeling might grow up to be something “special.”

I have no qualms with these clouds in my head, or the reality that shows up and tells me how silly I was. I replot my schedule, and see a finished first draft by not May, not June or July, but probably September or October instead (and even then, it’s only hoping). Out to agents by the end of the year? Oh no, probably not. Finished and solid first draft by my 30th birthday is the new goal – beginning of September. If I do nothing else, I want to have finished a solid draft of a novel before I turn 30.

Just to say that I did it.

Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I want this book finished so quickly because the year 2012 is coming up so fast, and I want to see my book in print and being adored by the masses before we all become blindsided by Planet Nibiru.

Do I really believe there is a Planet Nibiru? No, probably not. They usually turn out to be flops, don’t they? Am I just fascinated by “end of the world paranoia”? Oh, probably. Am I weaving it in as a major undertone of my novel? Oh yes, I’m trying!

So, how about you all? What do you want to get accomplished in your life before we get smashed into oblivion by Planet Nibiru?

4 thoughts on “be assured, it’s not the end yet”

  • If it helps, yes please send me more chapters!

    Oh man, 2012. I sure hope that everyone is wrong about that but I’m a little scared myself, lol. I’m a little worried about what people will do. I mean, look what they did for Y2K! (Which even as a kid had me scratching my head.) But what an awesome thing to work into a story.

    Also, the memorial for the dead and dying laptops actually made me laugh this morning. Poor keyboards! We hardly knew you, but you died valiant deaths.

    And personally, my only goal before the end of the world is just to finally get Jay out to San Fransisco. He’s been out here four years, and I haven’t taken him yet!

  • Lunar, lol, the poor keyboards! I’ll have to carry on and work hard so that their deaths would not have been in vain 😉

    My most recent problem appears to be a common touchpad hardware malfunction though. It’s not under warranty anymore, unfortunately, so I’ll have to dig up some info on how to replace it.

    It’s a Dell Inspiron 1525, by the way, which has given me more hell than the sale price was worth!

    Oooh, San Fransisco would be awesome to see! But lol, that story reminds me of how I’ve been to DC twice now during the Cherry Blossom Festival week, and never made it to the Tidal Basin to see the damn cherry blossoms! 🙂

  • I really don’t like bothering you, but the cherry blossoms. If you haven’t walked under the cherry blossom trees…well do that before 2012. I was born here and never bothered with the trees until I briefly worked in DC and went out one day after the festival and walked under the trees. You will never forget it. You could grab a thousand blossoms and a thousand more in your fist and still never disturb them.

  • Don’t be silly, you’re not a bother at all!

    Well that just sounds amazing! I’m going to have to make that a priority next year! 🙂

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