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climb a mountain, reach for the stars

not a musician:

Playing this week, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” by Death Cab For Cutie. (listen here, good guitar lesson here.) I’m in love with this song this week. It’s quiet and beautiful, and it inspired a heartbreaking little story idea.

not a film critic:

Into the Wild: Very thoughtful, and inspiring. Now I wanna backpack through Alaska. I know, the book is usually better, but my “to-read” list is a mile long already. Hubby read it and enjoyed it, and was able to point out where the differences were. I’m wondering if the film might have better suited the visuals of an adventure anyway?

I expected to be bored by it, but I absolutely wasn’t. I mean, how interesting can one guy be out in the wilderness? But the point is, he spent much of his journey meeting very interesting people, making these fantastic human connections that he outwardly rejected. He seemed to have such an impact on so many people, and came to an unfortunate conclusion in the end.

I make myself a promise though – when my kid(s) is grown and self-sufficient, I’m totally going to climb a mountain!

progress report, week of 12/7:

Not much bulk added to the novel this week (a few random lines, a couple good paragraphs). Christmas is starting to happen in a consuming way, hubby is sick… it’s just that time of year.

I did manage to send a story back out into the world again this week, and I wish it luck. I hope I’ve taught it all it needs to know, so that it might stand on its own little feet and prosper. Again, I subbed it to one of my top favorite magazines, lol! If it doesn’t work there, I might try my hand at simultaneous submissions next time. And maybe I’ll cast a bit more modestly, lol! You know, reaching for the stars and all 😉

This week: whatever I can manage, considering it’s the week before Christmas and all. I still like the goal of having part one entirely first-drafted before the new year. It’s still doable, I think.

I’m going to share my first chapter with you all after the new year. (Eeek! I said it!) So I hope you’ll hold me to that 😉

4 thoughts on “climb a mountain, reach for the stars”

  • Good luck little story! I get a good feeling every time I hear you sent another one out. Sooner or later it will happen. It’s inevitable.

    Haha, with that winky face it’s like you know that someone’s going to hold you to that. I certainly can’t wait.

  • We will hold you to that first chapter sneek peek! I’m excited.

    Good Luck on the story send out. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Just keep sending it out and doing what you’re doing.

    And have a Merry Christmas.

  • I love that INto the Wild, the movie, made you want to climb a mountain, what with the ENDING. Love. It. Seriously I thought it was a great movie and the soundtrack is fantastic. I am also listening to Death Cab for Cutie this week!

  • Lunar, lol, I *hope* you guys will hold me to it. It’s so easy to slack off when I’m the only one holding myself accountable. I don’t know how to work around that except to promise things to people so that I have to step up, lol! 🙂

    Carnaxa, thanks for the luck! And Merry Christmas to you too!

    Courtney, I know, I’m crazy, right? LOL! I forgot to mention the part about having a licensed guide! I’m not *that* crazy to go it alone 😉

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