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friday, and the girl with the bum license

So what kind of penalty, exactly, is there for going in to transfer a license seven months late? My Michigan license is not expired, but I’m pretty sure in Virginia, it’s supposed to be transferred after one month. (One month? What kind of bunk is that? Who has time to change over their license one month after a move???)

I’m thinking that if I take the kid in with me, I might have a small advantage. They’ll have to be civil in front of a child, right? Especially a cute child like I have. Or if he happens to be in a not-cute mood, maybe they’ll take pity on me?

Yes, I know, DMV ladies pity NO ONE! 🙂

I just hate being lectured, or when they roll their eyes and look all smugly down their noses like I’ve actually put them out personally by not doing it on time. I’ll pay my damn fine – I’m a grown woman, and I can accept the consequences of this failure – but I don’t need any damn attitude.

(You see, I talk all big and snarky on the internet, but in real life, I’m a mouse…)

So anyway, let’s discuss the things I did do this week

This week:

The submission: submitted!

Unbearable Lightness: finished!

Chapter 3: by the skin of my teeth, I conjured up one single idea this morning that might get me into it (that is, instead of just staring at it all perplexed, and poking at it with a stick to see if it might move…). I’ll make this one of my primary goals for next week. I was getting about ready to skip it all together and move on to chapter 4, but maybe I don’t have to…

The other short story: maybe a line, or two, if that…

The dresser: meant to be accomplished on the weekend, so…

The license: big fat FAIL!

So now I’m going to be a big fat dork and give myself a grade for the week (don’t act like this isn’t fun, lol! You all know you want to grade your weeks too!).

We’ll go slightly easy on me, you know, the way teachers always go a little easy in the beginning just so that the student doesn’t go running off in tears. We did give me a hefty lot to do this week, but unfortunately we’re going to have to dock some major points for that license, young lady…

This week: B-

5 thoughts on “friday, and the girl with the bum license”

  • You’re so cute. Why cute as a mouse! XD I hate when they give those lectures too or the eye roll. But I’ve learned that opening my big mouth only makes it worse. Best thing to do is be a quiet little mouse, then they’re nicer about being jerks if they’re going to be jerks.

    Though I will point out that you never know until you show up. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at times when I expect the worst.

    I’m glad you did submit something. You will just have to keep at it!

    Grading your week sounds like fun. But I think I’ll wait until I have a week that feels less like an F.

  • Congrats on the submission. No mouse sumbits their work, I’m sure of it.

    As far as the DMV goes- I’ll bet they don’t give a rat’s ass one way or the other how long you’ve been living in VA with MI license/tags. Down here they give you 10 days (10 days?!) to change yours. I think my dad kept his NC license for about 2 years– until he got pulled over and the officer nearly had a stroke. 🙂 If your biggest driving offense is failure to get a new license, then screw the snarky folks at the DMV. Our DMV has an old man with copious ear hair who breathes in random heavy bursts and with a whistle in his nose. That alone is enough to keep me away!

  • Lunar, you know, the best part about grading this week is knowing it would be graded. That actually made me driven not to make it an F. I swear it! My normal week is an F, lol!

    I’m totally doing this again next week!

    angie, OMG @ the old man! That has to be shocking! Though I suspect he might be easier to deal with than some angry lady with a power trip 😉

  • Mao, all states are different. I’m pretty sure Michigan was six months, and I think Ohio was too. Because yes, one month is ridiculous!

    But lol, either way, I’d still be late, huh? 🙂

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