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quiet time

In lieu of having anything of significance to say…

quiet time fort
A quiet time fort.

i can still see you
I can still see him, how about you?

2 thoughts on “quiet time”

  • You know, right before we moved, I made the mistake of finding this blog, and I got sucked in. I sat up past bedtime just reading from front to back all your posts.

    This entire blog is its own work of art. Hearing about the process you are going through as you write your book while watching your son grow up is so interesting. (Or, well, I was watching him age down since I was reading backwards.)

    You’ve totally made me think about how I write now. (I have a LOT of time on my hands, so I have a lot of time to sit and think and write.)

    Earlier in the blog, you mention all the possibilities you see for your characters, like alternate worlds. Have you ever just tried doing a free write with them and going, “What if?” You can always toss it later, but it’s a fun game. (Or perhaps I really am more easily amused than I thought I was!)

  • Lunar, thanks 🙂

    Oooh – the short story I was talking about in that post, that is the story that broke my novel! LOL!

    It seems like it would be a really fun project to write a collection of short stories, focused on the same characters, and all the different lives they might have lived, but at least for me, it has to be separate from a novel. My problem is that the novel is such a long and involved process that it’s really easy to get bored, so when you write an alternate dimension story, it feels new and exciting and you just want to scrap all the work you’ve done and start over with the new idea – which is what I did.

    I am convinced though that the new idea is better, in this instance. But I don’t want to do that again, lol. I’m sticking to it and finishing this one! 🙂

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