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this is for both of you

My referral stats show that about two people still check this thing every day, so I suppose the least I could do is pretend to exist for a moment, and give a little update.

What do we all think about Alexandria, Virginia? Hubby is looking at a job possibility out there. I’ll be honest, even though I dread the physical idea of packing and moving (especially with a toddler!), I think I welcome a change of scenery. It’s just too depressing around here lately. Nobody has jobs. There’s been a consistent twelve inches of snow on the ground since well before the official start of winter. My writers group has dispersed and moved all over the country. My friends and family never really did visit us here even, only an hour away, so it’s not like they’ll miss us much.

But I’m not here to have a pity party. I promise 🙂

I haven’t given up on my novel, but it’s gone into something like hibernation, I think. With all the snow on the ground, I think hibernation feels like a natural state for things this time of year. Though I’m trying to keep my ass out of hibernation-mode, and I’ve discovered that my laptop fits nicely on the treadmill book-rack. How did I not discover that before?

And we might possibly be the only people in the country to still have their Christmas tree up, even though we did manage to take off the decorations. A bare Christmas tree standing in our living room, and it’s the end of January. No joke! It will come down before February, I swear!

Hibernation-mode, I’m telling you!

5 thoughts on “this is for both of you”

  • I’m following your RSS feed 😉

    Moving is a right PITA, wherever and whenever you do it.

    My flatmate’s christmas tree is still downstairs, in the courtyard…

    Once, when I was growing up, my dad had all the christmas decorations up till March/April.

  • I still follow this blog via bloglines.

    Michigan can be a depressing place in the winter (I know of what I speak, having grown up there). Having said that, I’m not a fan of moving for moving’s sake. Since you asked, I’d advise that you make sure it’s for the right reasons. After all, I still miss Michigan, and don’t get back half as often as I like.

    (I have fond memories of playing on a giant wooden train in a park near my Aunt’s house in Royal Oak. I imagine it’s gone now, but it was one of the highlights of my summer to go visit there when I was a kid)

  • Good luck on the job hunt. I know that Virginia is beautiful, and the cost of living there is lower, which sounds appealing in this economy. But the moving itself sucks. Hope that everything unfolds nicely for you.

    And on the Christmas tree thing– I’m only a small step ahead of you. The tree is boxed up and sitting by the front door waiting to be taken to the shed. Unfortunately, it’ll sit there until March because the shed is full to the top until my sister moves out. I have a feeling you’ll beat me in the final disposition of the tree.

  • My fiance and I are HOPEFULLY moving soon (read: REALLY SOON, PLEASE GOD, PLEASE!) towards Charleston, West Virginia. He got a job in forensics with the State Police. (HOORAY, a STABLE job in this crappy economy!) So I can relate on the moving hysteria. Only moving for me would require a seven hour trip to PA, trying to shove whatever I can in my fiance’s TINY little Honda, along with my neurotic cat, and then going to where ever we move. Buh. Magical moving fairies, please?

    As for checking, I cheat and use google reader. I AM A STEALTH READER, baha. :b

  • Ah-ha, you’re all stealth readers! Awww, that means I have more than two people checking up on me, I suppose 🙂

    The Christmas tree did come down before February, but the box of decorations sat in the living room for another couple of days after that, lol.

    Thanks for the comments everyone 🙂

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