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what a two-year-old looks like

dylan 2 years

It’s official. I have a two-year-old! Two years and he still hasn’t grown any eyebrows, lol. Well, if he’s anything like his daddy, he may never grow them. I hardly have eyebrows myself. Poor kid, he’s doomed! 🙂

And before you think I’m crazy for buying a two-year-old a guitar, let me just say this thing only cost me $20. It’s real though. It plays!

4 thoughts on “what a two-year-old looks like”

  • Happy Birthday Dylan! He gets more handsome and grown up looking every day!

    And hey, J’s approaching 4 and he’s still pretty much eyebrow free, too. 🙂

  • He is getting so big! I cannot believe it! And hey, better that he has no brows that a uni-brow, right? The guitar is adorable!!!

  • Angie, wow, I can’t believe J’s going on 4! Man, they grow up fast!

    Meaghan, yes, uni-brows are one thing my family will never have to worry about 🙂

  • Are you trying to turn my nephew into a hippie??? If you teach him to play guitar he will be such a chick magnet when he gets older. He’s already got everything else going for him. Then he’ll be able to serenade his many girlfriends.

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