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ah, communication!

More, more, bresh-shish = breakfast.

He always says he wants more of something when he wants something, whether he’s had some already or not. And always more, more twice. But the cutest is when it’s almost time for his daddy to come home and he says, More, more, Daddy. 🙂

I am also in love with the way he says All done, after counting – the stairs he’s walking down, when we’re doing exercises, finding his crayons, whatever. Not that he’s actually counting things, but just saying the numbers. And then all done.

Communication is good. I can work with this. Next step is teaching him to comprehend logic!

7 thoughts on “ah, communication!”

  • You are a brave woman… venturing out of the norm to teach a boy to comprehend logic. I think communicating is quite the feat, you should take a day off. 😉

    The beginnings of talking are the cutest, don’t you think?

  • But without logic, how will we have world domination? 😉

    We’ll all get there, at least before we have to send them off into the world I hope.

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