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an interesting discovery

Are you a boy? I ask. He shakes his head no.
Are you a girl? I ask. He shakes his head no.
Are you an alien? I ask. He nods enthusiastically.

He is a genderless alien then 🙂

dylan riding clifford

And in other news, we bought him this Clifford dog for Christmas and only now has he finally gotten the courage to climb up onto it. Yay, courage!

3 thoughts on “an interesting discovery”

  • OMG~! You’re blog is awesome looking~!!! How in the world did you do that?

    Thank you for the comments on my blog. I think, since I have my phone on me at all times maybe I can write a little ‘note’ in there to remind myself what I want to write about.

    Oh and YAY for a courageous genderless alien. 🙂 I love it~!

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