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hard at work

hard at work

Did you ever spend a whole week or more drafting an absolutely non-monumental blog entry, just because you couldn’t find the right way to get it out there? Well that is me these past few weeks. Because I might jinx it, or decide that the whole project IS stupid after all and scrap the whole thing. So this absolutely non-Earth-shattering non-announcement is that I still seem to be writing this novel.

I just keep showing up, the advice of my brilliant friend and fellow writer, Kim, and the story comes. It’s SLOW, a page here or there in the space of the Backyardigans and Sesame Street, but every day, it just keeps coming. And I am so very surprised that it keeps coming. Through nasty colds and family obligations, it is there brewing in the back of my mind. Through distractions, new Sims EPs, TV shows that my husband has gotten me hooked on, great movies and music, it’s still there. I have not yet grown tired of my characters or decided they are in fact absolutely too stupid to be worthy of having their story told, which has happened several times before when I thought I had the beginnings of a novel. Every day the story grows, whether by words, or some plotting or character notes, just by showing up. Just by allowing the story to brew itself, present itself to me.

So I guess I just keep going with it. Holy crap, I just might be a writer after all!

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