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like high school again

I think this must be my first political post this election campaign.

I like Hillary Clinton. I think she is strong and intelligent, while allowing herself to be both angry and vulnerable at appropriate times. She is, after all, a human being. And I think that had she been a man and gotten emotional (which happens all the time), nothing would have been made of it. No one would be questioning her strength or worrying that she might morph into a blubbering fool. I think that had she been a man and gotten frustrated and raised her voice (which also happens all the time) there would have been no talk of what hormones were coming into play.

Have we really not moved past this yet? I am very glad she won in New Hampshire, but I am furious that everything is coming down to did she win because she stayed when her husband cheated? did she win because she cried? did she win because the women voters identified with her and brought out the vote?

I am ashamed of us! I am ashamed that this brilliant woman wants to be our next president, is willing to tackle this MESS that will be left when the Bush administration leaves office, and we cannot even give her the respect she deserves as a human being! What a novel idea that she might have won because she was the best choice!

In other news, there is a lot of garbage going on in the state of Michigan right now that I do not fully understand. On Tuesday, I am going to vote for Ms. Clinton in my state’s primary election. However, she will be the only leading Democrat to appear on the ballot because the others have apparently thrown a hissy-fit (or someone threw a hissy-fit) and are boycotting our whole state. Just because we (=someone who is not me!) decided to have our primary a little early. We will be allowed to vote, but it will not count.

Like I said, I do not understand the inner-workings of all that’s going on, but this is how it appears to me. My vote will be ignored, because of some ridiculous grudge someone has on us, and that makes me mad. Is that even allowed to happen in America? Isn’t this against everything we stand for?

Of course, I welcome information, if any of you understand this better.

3 thoughts on “like high school again”

  • I’m still trying to figure it out as well – it’s very confusing. But essentially the DNP is punishing the Michigan democratic party for moving the primary up illegally – mostly the Michigan democratic party is to blame but the DNP is a bit,too…
    Nice post on Hillary. I’m tempted to vote for her on Tuesday after all this ridiculous backlash…you are absolutely right – she is being treated abominably.

  • I’ve been doing some research and man is this irritating! I’m planning an upcoming post about the primary debacle so I will try to keep my comment here brief. I think it’s wrong for everyone (media) to be encouraging people who want to vote for Edwards or Obama to vote “uncommitted.”

    My way of thinking is, if you took your name off the ballet, like I understand Obama and Edwards did, you shouldn’t get any delegate votes at the convention.

    It’s enough to almost make you want to vote Republican…. almost.

  • Laura, I finally posted my rant… um my opinion. It’s 9:30 the night before and I still don’t know how I am going to vote.

    My hubby and I did an online survey and it said our views matched Obama, but as I stated on my blog, I won’t vote uncomitted. To bad for him he took his name off the ballot. Now I’m off to check out Republican candidates… damn.

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