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dylan-proofed      ornament hangers

How do you baby-proof a Christmas tree? You stuff it behind a couch and a table, of course! Will it stop him? I don’t know yet. He’s pretty determined. I have a vision of him climbing to the top and trying to eat the star.

My child is 100% BOY. He likes to climb precariously onto his toys and balance there, like circus performers who ride standing on moving horses. He is climbing something every moment he is awake. Oh Good Lord, this will be Dylan in eighteen years, one of those Le Parkour kids who jump across buildings!

And then there’s the vision of him trying to swallow one of those awful metal ornament hooks, so I bought these ribbon hooks, and they loop around and hang the ornament. Much prettier than metal hooks too 🙂

Here is the sneaky devil trying to squeeze back between the table and couch to get at the tree, and at some point, giving up, fingers in mouth, to gaze in wonder.

trying to squeeze      gazing in wonder

p.s. Please don’t mind the snot on his sleeve and the breakfast on his shirt. I’ve still got a house full of sickies here 😉

3 thoughts on “dylan-proofed”

  • whoa… i forgot about those days. i think we put our christmas tree in the playpen one year! now we just worry about our cats climbing to the top or having a race to see which one gets to there first. and i love your ribbon idea…much prettier than those nasty old hooks:)

  • Very good idea with the ribbon instead of hooks. About the only precaution we had to take with J was to retire the glass ornaments. He was never a mouthy baby, and there was no fear of him trying to eat any of the ornaments, but they do resemble baseballs. After having several pulled off and shattered, we took them all down and bought plastic and other more durable ornaments.

    I love the look of wonder on his face in the second picture.

  • when my son was a year old he took several ornaments off of the tree and hid them behind our couch. and a bunch of other places too. months after Christmas i was still finding them all over the house. isn’t Christmas with a small child, fun? 🙂

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