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oops, i guess i fail

I missed by 14 minutes. Oops. I guess I wasn’t watching the time.

Dylan is starting to feel a little better. The good news is that he does not have pneumonia. The bad news is that he will most likely have childhood asthma. But we kind of knew that already anyway. His doctor says we are an “atopic family.” Meaning both Jim and I have allergies, asthma, and eczema. Basically, we shouldn’t be breeding. Except that we make damn cute kids.

The other bad news is that both ears are still infected.

And more bad news is that he’s not going to be happy when I wake him up to shove a nebulizer in his face in 40 minutes.

1 thought on “oops, i guess i fail”

  • Poor Dylan. J has all of the above, as well. After about a week of nebulizer wake-ups J started sleeping right through them. Did they give you a mask to go with it?

    Sorry to hear how sick he is. I hope he’s back to normal soon. Poor kid… molar, ear infection, asthma all at the same time. I thought my kid was the only one to go through stuff like that.


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