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it’s okay, I have chocolate

Still working on that molar. We have a very sad little boy over here.

This commercial makes me tear up every time I see it, even if I am sitting with a bunch of strangers at the Secretary of State waiting to renew my tags. Especially the part where the little girl holds up the sign that says, “My mommy’s going to make it.”

[begin public service announcement here] Did you know that if you have a mother, sister, or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause, you should talk to your doctor about beginning early breast cancer screenings 5-10 years before your relative was diagnosed? My mother was 33 when she was diagnosed. I’m 27 now, and I have my first screening scheduled next week. That’s pretty scary.

2 thoughts on “it’s okay, I have chocolate”

  • Sorry to hear that the molar is being stubborn. That’s not a phase of childhood that I miss at all.

    On the breast cancer– yes, it is scary. Very scary. But the good news is, with early screening and better tests, more and more cancers are being caught in the early stages where treatments can be more effective and less invasive. Good for you for opting for early screening.

  • It is scary but having “what-if” hanging over you is worse. I’m proud of you for getting screened early. I just nagged two of my best friends to get screened for the first time. They hadn’t been to the doctor in years and years. and they are both fine. But if they weren’t, finding out sooner is so much better than later.

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