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the things you find at Target

It was a busy busy day, and I am tired!

I hope Dylan sleeps tonight. He woke up at 3:00 a.m. last night and wouldn’t go back to sleep because his nightlight bulb was blown and I think it freaked him out. It’s replaced now, and he’s a happy little sleeper.

It really irks me when you’re out kind of late with the baby (say, like 9:00), and some old biddy has to say, “Oh, he’s out past his bedtime!” And of course, she thinks she’s just so funny saying it. But really I think it’s kind of rude. Sometimes people just have things to get done.

Sometimes you just have to go and drop $200 at Target, just for the hell of it. Everybody feels better after shopping at Target. We were only planning on getting lightbulbs and some Cascade. Of course, I had to get a new notebook, just because I was in the notebook aisle and you can never have too many cute blank notebooks to write in. And I ended up getting this winter coat. It’s beyond adorable! And snuggly warm! Now I need a new bag 🙂

3 thoughts on “the things you find at Target”

  • It’s a good thing we don’t need winter coats down here, or I’d be tempted to make an impromptu run to Target today. And Amen on the old ladies and their comments! We made a choice to allow J to stay up rather late when I wasn’t working because it was the only way he stood a chance of spending any time with his dad, since he didn’t get home from work until after 8 most nights. We always got “the glare” from the elderly set when we’d mozy into a restaurant or store after 10 with our bright-eyed baby. What’s right for one is not necessarily to rule for another. If there really is a book of these child-rearing rules, I never got my copy.

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