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disposable digital

dylan071013.jpg I have discovered something it seems the rest of the world already knows – that digital cameras are basically disposable cameras if they break. And mine is broken. It’s a small, but annoying problem – the shutter thing (?) does not open all the way sometimes, and will leave a shadow at the corners of the picture. This does not qualify as an earth-shattering problem, since I can still use it, and am actually not at all affected if I keep the zoom out past 2x. But annoyed still!

Panasonic wants more money to fix the damn thing than I paid for it in the first place! This is apparently something everyone in the world already knows. And I guess this is why they sell that break-insurance at the store when you buy your camera. That break-insurance that I never buy 😉

I really wasn’t in love with it anyway, and have my eye set on something more like this. But while I’m waiting for pigs to fly, I suppose my poor broken “Panasonic makes TVs, not cameras!” camera will have to do.

2 thoughts on “disposable digital”

  • That’s a really nice camera you’ve got your eyes on. I was given a Sony 7.1 megapixel for my birthday last year, and it was such a huge upgrade from the 3 megapixel I’d been using. I love it.

    For the record- my old camera had the same problem with the shutter, but if I physically pried it open all the way, it would stay that way. Sucked for those spontaneous shots that were missed, but it kept the camera functional for a little while longer. Video cameras are disposable, too, just for the record.

    And if Dylan gets any sweeter, he’s going to give me a toothache.

  • Agh I found that out last year when I actually sent our less than one-year old camera in to fix. They tell me, ‘oh we only cover this, this and that sort of thing. but not THIS type of failure’ So I had to pay for the shipping, a FEE for them to TELL me they want MORE money in order to fix it. Very annoying. And apparently you and I were the last 2 to find out about these cameras being disposals.

    BTW, your little man is too cute. And there’s no shadow in the corner! 😀

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