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i just wanted to say…

that not much of anything gets done when a baby has Roseola AND an ear infection. He is needy when he is sick, and I have been holding him, probably 22 hours a day, for the past three weeks.

But there is this, which is adorable. He picks out a book and brings it to me, and sits down in my lap to read. This is a child who knows what he wants 🙂

Wow, have I seriously missed the entire month of September???

1 thought on “i just wanted to say…”

  • Oh! Poor Dylan! And poor you, too. There’s nothing more sad and heartbreaking than a sick baby. Hope he’s on the mend soon, and you can get back to doing things other than holding him. (Not that holding your kid is ever a real chore.)

    How cute that he already picks out his own books. Does he have a favorite?

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