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maybe i should be a writer

You know, I wrote a fanfiction novella once. About five years ago. It was written under a pseudonym that will die with me. It was 35,000 words, in 34 mini-chapters, based on characters from one of my all-time favorite video games, and it was CORNY! But it was a story. People read it and liked it. There are 185 comments, mostly teenage girls I assume, and they all write how wonderful it is, and how I should write stories for a living.

Usually once a year, I’ll have the inclination to check up on it again, and I did just this morning. There were about a dozen new comments since I checked last, even though the story is long since buried way down in the queue of about 4000 other fanficitons. He he, I have fans 🙂

Yes, I get a great deal of stupid amusement from that.

And yes, I should write and publish something for real. But it’s so much easier to put something out there for an audience of easily-pleased 15 year-olds. When your name isn’t on it. When you don’t know or care if anyone will ever read it, but then you find that they do.

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  • hey laura, i say GO FOR IT! look at the harry potter books. they primarily target the “tween” audience, however the books have many fans including adults (myself included) and small children whose parents read the stories to them (like my goddaughter) j.k. rowling is one rich, RIIIIIIICH woman because she finally decided to go through with something she loved doing. share your gift wtih the world. 🙂

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