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april 07

This time, I really have not been avoiding my blog – my neighbors cut my cable, and along with it went my internet. We were down for two weeks. They claim another cable company cut the wires when they were having their cable installed. (Bullshit!) Funny thing is that I saw the Wow truck (competitor to Comcast) outside five days after my cable went out, and if they did nothing wrong, then why did they refuse to contact Comcast (several notices were left on their door) or let them in their basement to fix the problem? Whatever.

In those two weeks my baby has learned to crawl up the stairs, hold his own bottle (but not hold it up so he can actually get the milk), drink from a cup, eat cheerios, and he pulls up on EVERYTHING regardless of if the object will hold his weight or not 🙂

In two weeks, I started a diet, decided we will live here some day, and we are finally beginning the process of rearranging and moving my baby into his own room. At 9 months, lol!

In two weeks, I have not written a single word of fiction, but I did have an idea for a new story (ideas are like assholes…). I have read half of a badly-written, but entertaining book, and a bunch of magazines. Watched a few good movies (Babel and Jarhead). Finally found a bra that really and truly fits! And spent way too much money at Whole Foods. Did you know that they give you 10 cents for every bag you bring back and reuse? 🙂

Okay, that’s all.

2 thoughts on “post #72, as good a title as any”

  • And here I thought you’d vanished into obscurity! LOL

    Your son is Adorable with a capital A. I was just telling a friend how amazing babies are. they learn how to do so much in such a short period of time. gotta watch out for those stairs…EEE Gads! I am petrified that, once she is walking, Mikaela will tumble down our staircase. Of course I am also a bit neurotic…

    Whole Foods is awesome…also awesomely draining on one’s wallet. I only visit about twice a year because these days I am favoring (the more pocket book friendly but not as glamorous) Trader Joes. But no, I didn’t know about the 10 cent per bag thing. Cool.

    Btw – Seattle is so awesome. The whole culture just rocks (sorry for the pun). I really hope you have an opportunity to move there. I am sure the whole atmosphere will inspire your creative juices. 🙂

  • Way to go little man! It’s amazing what they learn in such a short amount of time, isn’t it? Jonas was nearly 18 months old the first time he ever encountered stairs. It was the scariest thing for me! Being a late walker to start with, it was a huge and wobbly obstacle for him, and there were several moment where I was sure we’d be rushing him to the closest emergency room.

    BTW, one day we will be neighbors. If you like Seattle, look at Portland Oregon, too. Actually, the entire Pacific Northwest is great. We’ve been dreaming of it for the past 5 years since visiting my brother who lives out there.

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