i love my immune system!

Dylan 8 months

I will never again underestimate my glorious adult immune system. For the first time this winter I can say that my baby is not sick. No cold, no flu, no ear infection. That means he is happy. And when baby is happy, mommy is happy 🙂

I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s sleeping though, because this week he’s discovered how fun it is to throw his binky on the floor, over and over again!

I never even thought about cold/flu season until this year. I just don’t get sick. I never get a flu shot. I haven’t thrown up (with the exception of pregnancy, of course) since I was 9? But then Dylan comes along and he catches just about every little sniffle, runny nose, mucusy cough, and ear infection there is to catch. Crash course #367 in parenthood: babies get sick, even ones who were breastfed for the first 7 months of their life (dammit!).

So we are happily welcoming spring and the end of all this germiness.

One thought on “i love my immune system!

  1. Poor Dylan! Hope he’s feeling better. Up until I pulled him out of daycare, Jonas was constantly sick. Fortunately, since he’s had the opportunity to not spend all day in a total germ factory, he’s been incredibly well. Sure, he still gets the occasional sniffle, but not the life-threateningly sick that he was.

    Germ season is almost over, hang in there. 🙂

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