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each new month

I just have this one thought. Really, there is only one 🙂

Every new age he reaches is the perfect age. He is almost eight months old and I cannot imagine him any other way than how he is right now. He babbles, but does not know what he’s saying. He doesn’t crawl, but tries his little heart out. He sits but still falls back into his Boppy pillow once in a while. And I cannot imagine him being any more perfect than he is right now.

That is my one single thought.

2 thoughts on “each new month”

  • i can totally relate. mikaela is four months and i love her at this age. she practices standing, she is “talks”, smiles, and pulls everything within reach into her mouth. She fervently splashes and kicks her legs around in the bathtub while simultaneously giggling aloud. she lets out this frustrated squeal when she is not getting the attention she feels she deserves and gives the best baby kisses. i do, admittedly, lament the time gone by. i think to myself, mikaela will never be as young as she is today. she is growing up so fast. i think it is even more evident when they are infants. but, i agree. right now, at the age they are at, be that any age, they are quite perfect indeed.

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