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Hey, so I guess it’s been a little while. Now if only I could get Meaghan and Christine on my ass about getting my real writing done 😉

Five weeks ago I wrote about plans and schedules. All I’d like to say about that now is, HOW RIDICULOUS! Why didn’t someone tell me? There is no scheduling a 3 month-old baby! He’ll do the same thing for about a week, and just when I start to think, “Okay, I can work with this,” BAM, he switches it all up. One week he’s sleeping through the night, and I have a two hour nap to work with every morning – the next week, he’s eating twice in the night and I’m napping with him until noon.

So you just go with it, I guess. Whatever “it” is at the moment.

Tell me what you think about this then… a Cornell study theorizes that TV could be a possible cause of autism? I find that a little scary. I never put Dylan down to watch TV, but I usually have it on for background noise, and I find it hard to keep him from watching it. He likes the commercials especially, which is disturbing enough on its own! I’m hardly about to throw my TV out the window or anything, but it sure does give me a little bit of worry when I find him vegged out at the screen.

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  1. So, when is that first book coming out, I am dying to read it. Hurry up already! LOL. Sounds life is still full of confusion! I can’t wait for that (hear the sarcasim?) I love the updated pics. He is growing up so cute!! I cannot believe how fast they do grow up. Not to mention how fast your pregnancy goes! Well gota get ready for work. Love everyone!!!

  2. There are a lot of things that a new mother has to figure out on her own. I know some people that have perfectly schedulable infants… and then there was J. He didn’t have a routine day throughout his entire first year… possibly longer. And he slept through the night for the first time around 14 months. That said, my sister’s daughter, who is a few weeks younger than Dylan already sleeps through the night and is a very content baby. You just never know.

    On tv… they’ve been suggesting that tv is the root of all childhood evil for quite some time. They’ve blamed it for just about everything undesirable thing a child can do or have… hyperactivity, attention deficit,bad behavior, and now autism? I think they’re a bit overboard. And what they fail to tell you is that some television is actually educational and stimulating. I’m no advocate of stuffing dylan in his bouncy seat and leaving him there for hours on end, but ten minutes here and there while you get something done will harldy make you a bad parent.

  3. This may be an absolutely ridiculous idea, but have you considered dictating your writing? Dylan would enjoy listening to your voice, you can do it while doing other things, and then sit down and type/write it out later. Even if you’re just outlining a story idea, or developing characters, or whatever, at least you’d be getting something accomplished without having to depend on a schedule.

  4. “All I’d like to say about that now is, HOW RIDICULOUS! Why didn’t someone tell me?”

    Because you wouldn’t have believed us anyway! 🙂

    I call BS on TV as a cause of autism. And I speak as a parent of a child with autism. And the uncle of another–whose parents didn’t allow TV watching over and above a bare minimum amount.

    The Cornell study is wrong. I’m sick of Autism being blamed on bad parenting–that’s been a common theme since it was first diagnosed in the 40’s.

    Trust your instincts, and don’t worry. Dylan will be fine.

  5. I disagree with the TV/Autism article as well. In the study they loosely connected the fact that TV’s in homes have gone up since the 80’s, along with the # of diagnoses. That’s like saying car seats cause autism since the % of car seat use has gone up since the 80’s. 😉

    And about the schedule… haha. What’s a schedule? 😉 We have a generalized routine but that’s about it. LOL.

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