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45 minutes left in the day, the 25th of June, 2005. I’m still pregnant. Not in labor. I’m having contractions, but they’re more a tease than anything else, unpredictable, weak. They’ve been coming sort-of randomly since Thursday night.

I think we can be sure now that he’s not going to make it on time. Late – I should have known that any child of mine would be late. I can’t be on time to anything, why should he?

2 thoughts on “late”

  • Ok, so it’s the 26th now. He’s officially late, so tell him to come on out and meet the world. My nephew was nearly two weeks late. Babies just come when they’re ready, I suppose.

    Try doing some deep squats, (Of course, have Jimmy there to pick you back up.) they help to open the pelvis.

    My step-mom is a doula and having her around made a huge difference in my sanity level during labor. I only uttered about 100 curse words at the nurses and the little troll doctor instead of my entire arsenal.

    Hope you go quickly and naturally in the next couple of days. Unless there is some medical reason that the baby can’t hang out with you any longer I would strongly recommend against induction. Pitocin is an evil monster!

    Keeping you guys in my thoughts and getting incredibly anxious for you.


  • I’m sorry he’s late! But, look on the bright side (if you can see past your misery!) at least he will be nice and big and healthy!!

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