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my redneck past

We bought a new car last month – well, certified used actually, but it’s only a year old. 22,000 miles on it. This is our attempt to maybe rise above, take a shot at that good ol’ American dream or whatever. You know, it’s what everybody wants, to be richer and more successful than the generation before. To make our parents proud.

So this morning our shiny new Vibe wouldn’t start, and we had to watch it be towed away to the dealership to be poked and prodded and whatever. And right there in the parking lot, right next to where that shiny symbol of our progress in life was, is our janky rusted-out old Camaro. Yup, still there. And the muffler is still falling off. And the back hatch is still tied down with a bungee cord. But you know, it starts and it drives.

Funny how life has a way of reminding you exactly where you came from, and from what you might never escape.

1 thought on “my redneck past”

  • Ugh! Isn’t that just so frustrating?! You know, I have my certified used car, too, and it’s a heap of junk that’s been nothing but problems since we brought it home. Despite the fact that even now, after driving it for three years, it has less than 67,000 miles on it, it’s not worth a dime. On the other hand, Wil’s got his little old mazda with the doors that won’t open, no a/c, a horrible clacking sound in the front wheels, a busted muffler, and various other minor cosmetic annoyances, like fading paint, but it goes and never stops.

    When considering the prospect of getting a new car we’re actually considering hanging onto the mazda and selling off/trading in my newer “better” car.

    They just don’t make them like they used to. And you’re right, it is like a little reminder of what you can never leave behind, isn’t it? Hope the Vibe simply needs a new battery.

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