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what the world is coming to

I ran across this blog via pesky’apostrophe this morning. This woman, Molly, is very brave to post the detailed instructions to a DIY D&C abortion for the women of South Dakota who are no longer able to get a safe and legal abortion in their own state.

I think the point of this post goes beyond just making sure women have information on how to have the procedure properly performed. I mean, if you actually read the post, the way in which it is written is absolutely TERRIFYING! Molly does not take the subject lightly, and nowhere does she imply that it will be easy or that the results will absolutely be safe. The point, I believe, above all else is that we, women of the 21st century, in this great country we live in, are sometimes no better off than we were 100 years ago.

It is naive to think that this kind of thing wont happen. If a woman wants an abortion, she will get one. Whether it be ethical or not. If she can’t drive to another state and have one legally and safely, she will use a coat hanger, drink chemicals, use tweezers or whatever else she’s heard works. Or she can be informed and have someone do the procedure to her with these instructions and maybe she wont die from it.

I pray that the women of South Dakota will find alternatives. Another state if they’re able to drive there, or a doctor who would be willing to break the law for their safety.

I don’t know what to think about all of this. I don’t believe abortion is right ethically, but I also don’t believe women should be forced to put their lives at risk to get one. Because they will – we have to realize that.

4 thoughts on “what the world is coming to”

  • “Molly does not take the subject lightly, and nowhere does she imply that it will be easy or that the results will absolutely be safe.”

    Umm…I disagree. She talks about a death rate lower than that of giving live birth–that he project only lost “1 in 13,000 patients”.

    I agree with you when you say “I also donít believe women should be forced to put their lives at risk to get one”, but there is no way anyone should be attempting home surgery based on information they gleaned from a website. This is just ridiculous. Thankfully there are still–and always will be–viable alternatives. Anyone stupid enough to try this on their own is playing Russian Roulette. If you can possibly even *begin* to have the wherewithal to follow these complicated instructions (not to mention finding an amateur doctor willing to perform the procedure), surely you can hitch a ride to a legal state.


  • Well I assumed that Jane and her assistants (who were aided in the beginning by an actual doctor) were somewhat more experienced than the average scared girl getting these instructions off the internet. I don’t think she implied the death rate for this procedure to be 1 in 13,000 as performed by a first-timer.

    But you are right, it is ridiculous. And that’s exactly the point.

    And right now people are able to drive to another state, but what if this South Dakota thing is a trend that continues? Where will they drive then? And what if they’re not even in a position to drive somewhere else?

    It’s irresponsible to underestimate the lengths a scared girl will go to if she wants to keep a secret.

  • What I have a question about is the legality of making abortions illegal. Isn’t Rowe v. Wade a Supreme court ruling, and isn’t there a law that says something to the effect that no state shall create a law that is in violation of supreme court law? Otherwise, how in the world would we have any order and how could we call ourselves the UNITED states?

    I’ve done no research what-so-ever on this, so chances are good that I’m talking out of my ass here, but I do think I remember such thing from my rudimentary legal courses. So how does South Dakota get around the supreme court ruling?

  • Truly, anyone wishing to ban abortion who does not realize the lengths women will still go to in order to rid themselves of a baby they cannot afford or justify is an idiot. Of course we should still seek to educate women in alternatives like adoption – but we shouldn’t be so naive as to think we won’t end up with a lot of dead girls if we just ban abortion overnight. People talk about morals, sure, but what is so morally correct in saying a girl should have no choice but to mutilate her own body?

    I would like all pro-life fundamentalists to read ‘The Cider House Rules’

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