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little man Dylan

I’m having a baby boy. I knew it even before the ultrasound. I think I knew it from about the time we decided on our girl’s name. Emily came so quickly to us, so easily, I knew we’d better agree on some boy names because it just couldn’t be a girl. And he’s not. I wanted Biblical names, Noah, Gabriel, Joshua – Jim couldn’t offer anything really, except for Marley (after Bob Marley?) but not seriously.

And then we found Dylan. I don’t remember which of us thought of it first. We liked the idea of naming him after a poet, though not any one in particular. You see, I wouldn’t let Jim name him after Bob Marley so he suckered me into Bob Dylan instead. I see his game 😉

But he is a little boy for sure. When I sleep his testosterone seeps into my brain and gives me little boy dreams. I am fighting an intergallactic battle. The people of Earth take sides with the good aliens to defeat the bad ones. We fight with guns that shoot lasers and explode things into dust. Or I am fighting in some sort of game, think American Gladiators meets Ultimate Fighting Championship meets The X-Men. When it’s my turn I light my fingertips with a torch. My fingertips are sparklers and they shoot fiery sparks that set my opponent ablaze. He is hurt, but not really. It is just a game after all.

My little man. When he’s old enough, I’m sure he’ll love watching Battlestar Galactica with Jimmy.

3 thoughts on “little man Dylan”

  • Great name. Friends of ours have a Dylan. Very, very fine choice.

    Interestingly, the last CD I got as a gift was a Dylan CD….

    anyway, CONGRATS.

  • Allowing your child to watch battlestar galactica is a crime, regardless of it’s sex. 🙂

    Funny how you can always decide so easily on a name for the opposite sex, isn’t it? Wil and I had our daughter’s name chosen within hours of learning we were pregnant. When she turned out to be he, we struggled almost to the day of his birth before setting it in stone.

    BTW, you’ve got a great son raising mentality if you can dream those little boy dreams already. I can do the trucks and dirt stuff just fine, but when it comes time for the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! phase, I’m going to be totally lost and uncool in my son’s world.

  • Hey don’t knock the BSG, girl, the new series is awesome! Might be a tad dark for a newborn though, maybe I’ll start him out with the Jetson’s 🙂

    And just for the record, Marley isn’t really connected to the Bob of that name, I just think it has a jolly good ring to it. My mum almost called me Kelvin – I guess weird naming ideas run in the family!

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