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I remember when I used to be a blogger. A blog implies something regularly updated. Reliable. Because people lose interest when nothing is new. I don’t blame them. I would lose interest too.

As you can see, I’ve disappeared a little. I guess I’ve been working on a project of sorts. Not a writing project but something equally as monumental. A much needed surprise. Something to maybe create reliability in me when nothing else ever could.

I don’t expect this to become a mommy blog, or a pregnancy blog (not that there isn’t a place for such things), but there is one thing I’d like to note straight off. Pregnancy is not the glowing and beautiful thing it is glamorized to be. Pregnancy is bodily functions amplified a thousand times. It is quite gross actually. Sure, my skin is clearer, glowing even. But everything else (and if you don’t know the details I mean, you probably don’t want to know) tends to be left out.

This is week 16 in baby land. Baby is the size of an avacado. He is learning to swallow and breathe his amniotic fluid in preparation for breathing and digestion at birth. He has also learned to urinate, and does so into his amniotic fluid every 40-45 minutes. The fluid is completely cleaned and replaced every three hours, so that the baby’s environment remains fresh. That math doesn’t add up. Eeew, Baby, that’s kinda nasty!

However nasty, we still love him. (I say “him” though we don’t actually know the baby’s sex yet – I just can’t bring myself to call my baby “it”)

Baby is due, by the way, June 25, 2006.

5 thoughts on “not a mommy blog”

  • Laura,
    You’re so right in that pregnancy is not the beautiful thing that so many people make it out to be. It’s swellings and bulgings and aches and pains and stretches and all sorts of unpleasant things. But I can promise you this, once baby makes his appearance, you’ll, in some little ways, miss the intimacy of these moment when he’s yours and yours alone, and you can shelter him from the big bad world.

    And I totally understand not wanting to turn this into a mommy blog. I didn’t intend for mine to go that way, but I guess I’ve just become consumed with momminess because that’s exactly what it is, and while I could talk about J all day, I know that it’s rather boring to listen to other people yak about their kids non-stop. 🙂

    Ok, so congratulations, once again, on little baby-to-be. I hope that the next 20 weeks or so go smoothly and as comfortably as possible for you.

    PS: you think the peeing is gross, wait until he learns to poop! 🙂

  • Hi honey…guess what? The nastiness you now feel doesn’t go away once you have the baby. Just wait until you’re home from the hospital and your belly skin is all loose and floppy…and you’re you-know-what is swollen and sore as hell. Nothing like needing a squirt bottle of warm water with you in the bathroom…the only way to pee without screaming in agony. Get used to needing 20 minutes just to pee. It’s quite an ordeal. Oh, and even once the belly skin has attempted to retighten, the pooch remains and always will. No more bikinis!!! Oh well…they are soooooo worth it.

  • Meaghan is so right! The body will never be the same, but they really are worth it. Even after a 70 something lb weight loss, I’ll still never been seen in a bathing suit again!

  • ::rubbing eyes::::

    Is that…huh?


    And congratulations on the avacado! I’m so happy for you. Of all the things I’ve done in my life, good and bad, my kids are the one thing I can point to and say, “THAT was perfect”. Avacado will be your greatest joy and your greatest frustration, and I envy you for being at the beginning of this journey.

    Keep blogging…it’s good to see you online again.

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