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nonsensical rant #305

I struggle sometimes to find things to write about without bitching. Without complaining about what things are wrong, or what things could be better. Because nobody wants to read about how good I have it, do they? Or maybe they do, but I’ve never been one to brag. We bond over our shared bad experiences; we relate to each other. It makes us one part of the great human struggle. It connects us.

Is it ignorant to acknowledge the times when life is good? I know of course it’s not. It takes entirely too much energy to be cynical all the time. And I don’t even want to be that kind of person. But then, is it foolish to be ignorantly blissful all the time? Is it negligent of the things that could and should be fixed in our world. Of course it is.

So we try to find balance. Balance, I think, is the key to life.

All of this is common sense, I know. I’m just rambling.

On a completely different tangent, today is the birthday of my cousin I grew up with, Michelle. She was my very first best friend. She still lives in Toledo and I talk to her maybe once a year, at Christmas if she comes over to my family’s dinner. She just had a baby, I hear.

Isn’t it odd how we let people go from our lives, as we move away, get older, busier. There is only room or time enough for so many, and we sacrifice some to make room for others. Or so it seems. Many times I know I’ve been the one sacrificed to make room for someone more fun, more intriguing, more appropriate at the time. It happens, I guess.

And that’s not a complaint, not really. It’s just the way things are.

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  • I stumbled across your website while procrastinating and trying to avoid school work. I was playing on the website and somehow I ended up here. Your entry today inspired me to leave a message. It is sad and odd how people end up being pushed out of our lives to make room for others….Anways, I was feeling nostalgic and I thought I would drop you a quick note to say “hi”. If you feel inclined I believe my email address in included with this message, I would love to hear from you.

  • “Many times I know Ive been the one sacrificed to make room for someone more fun, more intriguing, more appropriate at the time. It happens, I guess.”

    The other day I wrote something like this in my paper journal. About the evolution of self and how it affects our relationships. I guess all of it is about growing up. Doesn’t make it much easier to understand though.

  • It really is sad sometimes, the people that we allow to drift in and out of our lives. I was looking through old wedding photos the other day and realized that so many of those people, I hadn’t talked to since that day, and those that I had, were only in passing.

    I suppose it’s just a fact of life, the moving on, but I think that as long as we acknowledge the friendships and the bonds that we once shared, then, in some way, they still remain a part of our lives.

    One of my best friends from Jr. High called me out of the blue a few weeks ago. We hadn’t seen each other, or spoken to each other since high school graduation. Talking to her was wonderful in some nostalgic sense, but I think we both realized that our lives had grown in opposite directions now. We parted with a promise to stay in touch, maybe get together one night for dinner or something, both knowing that it would probably never happen.

    People change, move on, and once the shared experiences fade, there isn’t much left but the memory of what once was. Perhaps it’s better to keep those memories rather than try and force a friendship with the person that has evolved.

    Or maybe that’s just an excuse we tell ourselves for letting them slip away.

  • *sigh* Yeah, it’s sad how many friends have come and gone in my life. I miss most of them, but I realize that we’d have little in common now.


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