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lazy bum

Some days I have absolutely no interest in accomplishing anything. I did nothing today and I don’t feel bad about it. I didn’t write anything, edit anything. I didn’t read anything that mattered. Didn’t go to the post office. Didn’t buy milk. Oh well.

Days like today I wish I had something mindless to do. A video game or something. We lost the cord to our PS2 when we moved and I haven’t played it since.

Yesterday I was productive. I conceptualized a new story and got down the first scene. Sent out a submission. I reorganized my office closet, sorted all the books that I haven’t looked at since we moved in, made myself a “writer shelf” in the closet with my reference books and supplies.

But how many really, really productive days can you have in a week? With no boss, no concrete deadlines, no immediate rewards, I find it very hard to stay motivated five out of five days. And is this realistic even? If I were working a “job” kind of job, would I really have five out of five days of good solid productive work?

I suppose this would change if I had a book deal. If I had an editor breathing down my neck, wanting a manuscript on his desk in so many months or whatever.

I hear people say these are the easy times, the lazy times, before publication. I write because I want to, and if I don’t, there’s no one but myself to answer to. No pressure. No expectations.

And no money either! 🙂

2 thoughts on “lazy bum”

  • Don’t feel bad about having a lazy day. I’d say that out of my six “working days” I really only do a solid two and a half days worth of work. Just because you’re there physically doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being productive, you’re just getting paid for your laziness. I’d bet this is true of most professions.

    There’s no sense in making yourself stay glued to a desk if you’re just not into it. Everyone needs a break/vacation sometimes. Consider yesterday as taking a personal day. You’ll get back to your normal productivity soon, I’m sure.

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